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Avoid Blocked Drains When It Rains In Las Vegas

If you reside in the Las Vegas area, you must pay close attention to your home’s drainage system. In order to keep your home from being damaged during a flash flood, the rain water needs to be effectively drained away from your property. Preparation is the key to avoiding disaster. Here are a few tips to help avoid a blocked drainage system.

Clean the gutters out
According to experts, you should clean out your gutters at least twice a year. This should prevent the drainage system from getting clogged with leaves and other debris. Wearing a pair of gloves will help you to avoid getting bitten by insects. When attempting to clean the gutters, always have a helper to hold the ladder steady. If you feel that this task is a tad bit too dangerous, be sure to call a professional service to do the job.

Consider installing gutter guards
Gutter guards will make it a lot easier to maintain your home’s drainage system. These crafty components are designed to keep junk out of your gutters. Large twigs and leaves will no longer be a problem. As the rain streams down the roof, the perforated holes in the gutter guards will allow the water to flow effortlessly down the drain.

Keep the storm drains clear
Many drainage systems in Las Vegas are designed with storm drains. The purpose of a storm drain is to stop water from building up around your property. If dirt and grass clippings are allowed to cover the drain, your yard will likely be filled with a lot of standing water.

Trim branches
Some trees can grow extremely long branches. To prevent extra debris from accumulating around your home, make sure that these branches are occasionally trimmed back. If the tree limbs are allowed to hang over the roof, leaves can easily fall into the gutters.

If you need to have your home’s drainage system cleaned, feel free to contact Pure Plumbing. Not only does Pure Plumbing offer cleaning services, but the company can also make repairs to your drainage system. The staff will make sure that your home remains prepared for a sudden storm.