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How To Detect A Sewer Pipe Problem

At Pure Plumbing, our team of skilled plumbers is ready to assist you with some of your messiest issues, including damage to your sewer pipe. Whether you have a backed up sewer line or a rupture in the pipe, we are ready to head to your property to remedy the situation. However, the unfortunate reality is that some signs of a sewage pipe problem are less obvious than others, and you may not be sure if you have a sewage issue or not. By learning more about the signs that may indicate a problem, you will know when to contact us for assistance.

Signs of a Stoppage

One of the most common causes of sewage line issues is a blockage in the pipe, and you may have this problem if the water is slow to drain down the bathtub, shower or sink drain or if the toilet is slow to flush. In some cases, sewage waste may even seep back up into the home from these features. Generally, a clog in the sewer line will impact all of the features in a home rather than just one.

A Bad Smell

Sewage waste has a distinctly unpleasant smell, and if you smell this odor inside or outside your home, this may indicate that sewage waste is seeping out of the pipe. The pipe should ideally be airtight, and there should never be a bad smell coming from a pipe unless something is not right and needs to be repaired.

Mold Growth

Sewage waste can emit a foul smell, and it also emits moisture, bacteria and more. This can lead to mold growth on walls, floors and other areas. If you see signs of mold growth and notice a bad smell at the same time, this is a tell-tale sign of a sewage issue.

Issues With the Lawn

In some cases, the sewage line will break in the yard, and when this happens, you may see a sunken or very moist area around the place where the leak is. Because moisture and fertilizer material could be leaking into the area, you often will notice that one space appears to be much more lush than other areas for no apparent reason.

Signs of Foundation Issues

Sewage leaks can create moisture around the base of a home, and this can lead to soil sinkage. When this happens close to the foundation, foundation settlement can occur or a sinkhole could develop. You may notice signs of settlement in the home, such as cracks in the drywall or in the exterior walls of the home. When windows and doors do not close properly or when you have trouble opening them, this is a sign of a potential sewage issue.

Some sewage issues are easy to detect, but others may be more difficult to identify. If you have spotted any of the signs of a potential sewage issue in your property, scheduling an appointment with Pure Plumbing is a smart idea. We can diagnose and repair the issue that is causing you concern.