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How Technology is Changing the Modern Bathroom

Imagine if you had been born in the 1700’s. When you needed a bathroom, you would have had a luxurious hole in the ground inside of a rickety wooden ‘water closet.’ Even up to the 1800’s and 1900’s, bathrooms were little more than the gross, primitive room that everyone spent as little time in as possible. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, our bathrooms are something out of a sci-fi novel depicting the future. Below are a few of our favorite amazing inventions that will transform your bathroom into a place that you’ll never want to leave again.

Automatic Touch-Free Toilet Seat

What it does:

This beauty lifts the lid of your toilet seat automatically as you approach. If a man needs to use the toilet while standing, he can simply wave at it once and it the seat will automatically lift itself. Then, after you’ve finished your business and have walked way, the lid will close itself automatically.

Why you need it:

Just read the description! This solves at least two major problems that most people encounter when using the toilet:

1. There will be no more arguments about who left the seat up; the seat opens and closes itself. This should take at least 100 hours of arguing out of your marriage each year

2. You never, ever have to touch your toilet seat again. Anyone with even a mild aversion to germs should appreciate that one greatly.

Buy it here for $129.99.

Soulaca Waterproof Bathroom TV

What it does:

The Soulaca Waterproof Bathroom TV is a TV that is very cleverly hidden behind a mirror. This makes it waterproof, which is perfect in a wet environment such as a bathroom. The design also means that when the TV is turned off, it’s completely invisible and just an ordinary, functional mirror.

Why you need it:

Back before the recent tech wave, people used to entertain themselves in the bathroom with real books. These days, people are much more likely to use their smart phones. Those devices unfortunately can be damaged by water: this TV is specifically designed against that. Very clever buyers can link up their systems so that they can continue whatever movie they were watching on TV in the bath.

Buy it here for $569.00.

Steam Spa Chromo Therapy Lighting System

What it does:

This is a very small device that turns your bath into a therapeutic sauna. The Chromo Therapy Lighting System will fill your bathroom with light specifically suited to meet your particular physiological or psychological need at the end of the day.

Why you need it:

Color therapy is scientifically proven to have an effect on a person’s well-being. It has been used in alternative medicine for years, as well as to restore balance to the body and mind. For example, you might shine green light for a positive calming effect or yellow to help indigestion. Even if you don’t believe the light has any real medical effect on the body, transforming your bath into a 5-star steam room will have a positive effect on your mind.

Buy it here for $274.94.

Koval Spa Towel Warmer and Sterilizer

What it does:

The Koval uses ultraviolet light to keep towels free of germs and perfectly sterile. It also uses a simple heating system to make those towels comfortably and luxuriously warm to the touch.

Why you need it:

The practical application of fully sterile and warm towels is almost endless. The Amazon reviews have people using them for everything from softening their skin for an ultra-close shave to wiping their dog’s paws and gently bathing their children.

Buy it here for $89.95.

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

What it does:

This does exactly what the name implies. It quietly hangs out in your toilet until it’s night time, and then lights up your toilet seat when it knows you’re coming. Basic but genius.

Why you need it:

Simply put: you’ll never fall into the bowl or pee on the toilet seat again. It’s just not worth it to turn on a really bright bathroom light in the middle of the night, and now you don’t have to. Additionally, if you have any young kids that can’t reach the bathroom light by themselves, a toilet night light could help them use it without being afraid of the dark.

Buy it here for $10.99.

No matter how many amazing technology upgrades you install in your bathroom, you’re bound to need an emergency plumber eventually. If you need a Las Vegas plumber, call us today at (702) 710-7388.