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Alkaline Water: Is There Such A Thing As Healthier Water?

The amount of alkaline and acid in the body is the basis for pH levels. The EPA does a decent job of explaining how this works, but in layman’s terms, a body that’s too acidic benefits from consuming alkaline water as a means to balance the system. Here are four steps of how it works:

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water


Alkaline water removes toxins that have accumulated in the body’s cells. Unnatural acids increase when you consume junk food, drugs or inhales polluted air. Daily consumption rids an organism of harmful properties which have a damaging effect on well-being by destroying free radicals, acting as an antioxidant in this capacity. Free radicals are eliminated or converted into oxygen.

Boost to the Immune System

Alkaline water boosts your body’s immune system, fending off common colds and stomach bugs. Drinking a daily glass of alkaline water is a natural, effective way to reduce negative side effects of these ailments as your body’s pH level is neutralized.


Health professionals recommend drinking alkaline water to improve hydration. Alkaline water is easily absorbed by our bodies’ tissue and cells.The body stays hydrated longer than it would with regular water. Even one glass of alkaline water shows helpful benefits.


Alkaline water converts harmful free radicals into oxygen, supplying the body with more energy. Regular intake provides energy that lasts all day. Pure Plumbing in Las Vegas sells faucets that add alkaline to your tap rendering your regular water even healthier. Just mention this blog when you call (702) 710-7388 to receive 20% off your water treatment installation!