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Common Homeowner Plumbing Problems And Their Solutions

Plumbing problems can be very frustrating. Leaking faucets to overflowing toilets can turn an ordinary morning into a fiasco. While many plumbing issues require the expertise of a licensed professional, there are three simple problems that can usually be fixed without a plumber.

Leaky Faucets

Conserving water and saving money is important. A leaky faucet not only wastes water but also increases your water bill. Leaky faucets are often caused by loose parts or old washers. Turn off the water to the room you will be working in. Lay a towel or bucket below the faucet to catch any remaining water in the pipes. Take apart the faucet to see if there are any loose parts. Gently tighten anything that is loose and replace the washer. Put the faucet back together, turn the water back on, and give the faucet a try. If the faucet is still leaking, you may need to call a professional.

Clogged Toilets

From using too much toilet paper to children’s toys, toilets get clogged on a regular basis. This problem can most often be remedied by using a plunger. However, if a plunger is not working, or if your toilets are getting clogged frequently, you should seek the help of a plumber.

Slow Draining Water

Hair, food, toys, and other items cause sinks and tubs to drain slowly. You can check for partial blockage of drain pipes by lifting out the stopper. Usually, whatever is causing the issue will be attached to the stopper. If your stopper is not easily removed, you can purchase a small drain snake and try to remove the clog yourself. Liquid plumbing solutions can also be useful. It is time to call in the experts when you have a fully clogged or stubborn drain.

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