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Tips To Help You Save Water And Money

Here in Las Vegas, our news media often remind us of Lake Mead’s receding water line. You might not be aware that some of your habits lead to unnecessary consumption of our invaluable resource. By following a few simple tips when you are at home, you may save water and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

In the Kitchen

One easy way to minimize water consumption is to avoid leaving the tap turned on unless it is needed. When you wash dishes, be mindful to turn the tap off and leave a shallow basin of water in which to scrub. You really only need to run the tap again to rinse dishes.

Some people believe that electric dishwashers require more water than the amount required to wash dishes manually. This may not always be true. Nowadays, newer machines are specifically designed to conserve water. Additionally, many of the modern efficiency models help to preserve water and electricity.

If you have a sink that is full of water after you wash dishes or rinse produce, consider alternate uses for that remaining water like hydrating your indoor and outdoor house plants. You may be surprised at how much water is left in your sink after you clean your dishes. If the water you rinse your dishes with does not contain soap, it will not harm most plants. You could also boil vegetables in that water.

In the Bathroom

If each person in your home commits to taking shorter showers, you could save several gallons daily. By turning the water off when you lather your hair, you may conserve another gallon or two. You may find it relaxing to stand under a hot stream of water for a few extra minutes, but you might use the money you save on your water bill to get a weekly massage.

Another easy fix? Turn off your bathroom sink while you are brushing your teeth. You probably need only enough water to rinse your mouth and toothbrush.

Another way to waste less water is to flush the toilet only when necessary. If you can throw facial tissue in a wastebasket instead of putting it in the toilet you can save. If your toilet tank is leaking or running water continually, you may need to hire a professional to repair it. Even if the toilet isn’t leaking per say, the excess running uses excess water supply.

In the Yard

You can do several things to conserve water outdoors. Cut back on hosing down your plants by reusing kitchen water. Or, consider a watering drip irrigation system. If you water your plants in the morning or evening, the water will not evaporate as quickly as it will in the afternoon when sunlight is at its peak.

Shaving off a few minutes here and there will yield a lot of savings, not just for your wallet but for Lake Mead too. If you would like to explore even more innovative ways to conserve water and cut your bill, contact the professionals at Pure Plumbing by calling (702) 710-7388. We can work together to save our water supply!