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3 Plumbing Tips For Rainy Weather

Severe storms and heavy rains can adversely affect the condition of your plumbing system. The safety of family and the beauty of your home could be negatively affected. The current rainy season is expected to be among the wettest in Las Vegas and parts of Nevada in many years.

Plumbing Problems In Rainy Las Vegas

With the rainy weather, homeowners are bound to have plumbing problems, basement flooding, musty smells, mold growth and potential damage to household possessions.

The professionals at Pure Plumbing have your safety and welfare at heart, and have assembled the following 3 plumbing tips to assist in keeping your place dry and prevent problems caused by possible flash floods in the Las Vegas area of Nevada.

Be Well Prepared

Nothing could be worse than to be caught off guard by the rains.

If you own a sump-pump, ensure is in perfect good working order by having it serviced annually by a reputable and licensed plumber. Consider installing a backup pump in case your basement is prone to flooding or if your area experiences frequent power outages.

Have all your plumbing systems inspected early enough. Look for methods of diverting away the rainwater from your house. Get an expert to extend and point away the gutter spouts. Also ensure that your rain gutters are unobstructed. Ensure you have graded your front and backyard surfaces to slope away from the house.

Avoid Backdrafting

Accumulation of negative air pressure within the house is usually the cause of backdrafting and it is made worse by wet weather events inside your home. It is hence important that you identify all potential possible risks that could contribute to negative air pressure.

The most common factors contributing to negative air pressure inside the home include:

  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems
  • Bathroom and Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Tight Building Construction
  • Constrained Fireplaces

Make sure that your exhaust and ventilation systems are functioning optimally if you are to avoid negative air buildup. The situation could get worsened by the re-entry of sewer gases during rainy seasons or due to storm drain flooding.

Dealing With Flooding

Flooding generally typically happens when there is excess standing water above the level of house foundation leading to an inflow of outside water into your basement. This is usually the result of a heavy downpour, backed up sewer or a flooded river near your house. A small crack within your house plumbing system is all it takes to have the water gushing in.

Don’t Procrastinate! Prepare Your Plumbing

This way you save yourself of costly repairs and at times irreparable damage to possessions. If you want your house checked, why don’t you give us a call for all your plumbing needs? At Pure Plumbing we value our customers and we want you be ready. We are available 24 hours a day and we are just a call away.