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Tips To Avoid A Holiday Plumbing Emergency

The winter holiday season is a time for family and friends to come together. It also seems to be a time when a plumbing emergency or misadventure is more likely to happen.

Plumbing Emergencies And How To Avoid Them

Save Garbage for the Trash Bin

Everyone loves the convenience of garbage disposals. Unfortunately, that often leads to their misuse. This can be especially disastrous during the holiday season when you have multiple guests and the greater potential for a plumbing emergency. A very common mistake during the holiday season is to use the garbage disposal as a way of disposing of leftovers from Christmas dinner. The garbage disposal can seem like an easy alternative to the garbage bin and having to eventually take out the trash, especially when the weather is wintry. However, this is a big mistake when it comes to your plumbing. Bones and grease can cause significant damage to your garbage disposal. The best way to avoid a holiday disaster is simply to avoid the garbage disposal. It’s easier to encourage your guests not to use the garbage disposal rather than keep an eye on them to make sure they use it correctly. Instead, place garbage bins in convenient locations for your guests.

Reduce the Risk of Frozen Pipes

While we all love the thought of a white Christmas, the cold temperatures that bring frost and ice can also put your pipes at risk. Many houses, especially older houses, may have exposed pipes that are not adequately kept at sufficiently warm temperatures by electric heating or gas. If this is the case, your pipes are at an exponentially high risk of freezing. The true danger of this is the potential for these pipes to burst. Burst pipes can result in the need for expensive repairs. If you want to protect your pipes from cold temperatures, be sure to keep them insulated with foam or fiberglass.

Respect Your Water Usage

If you have guests staying longer then just the night, shower usage maybe an issue for you and your guests. In addition, if your guests are staying for a longer period of time, laundry may also be a concern. Not to mention all those dishes that will need to be washed after your holiday meal. What all these activities have in common is water usage. All these activities running at the same time can overload your system. In order to prevent this, make sure that you and your guests properly space out all activities that require water.

Even during the holidays, Pure Plumbing is there when you need us. If your happen to run into a holiday plumbing disaster, don’t fret. Just give us a call.