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Holiday Garbage Disposal Problems To Avoid

The holiday season is here in Las Vegas and that means more cooking and cleaning in your kitchen. Whether you’re entertaining your friends and family or preparing holiday cookies and traditional meals, your garbage disposal is going to work overtime!

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Before your garbage disposal starts making a strange noise or starts backing up water, look at these garbage disposal problems to avoid this holiday season.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal is making a strange noise or you can hear the motor isn’t running as it should, most likely it is jammed. Many foods do not dispose of well such as bones; fibrous vegetables such as cornhusks and slippery potato skins can easily get stuck inside your disposal. There could be food caught between the masher plate or fly wheel and calling a professional to dislodge the food or debris could solve the problem. Remember, the time it takes you to assess the problem could take hours while a professional can be quicker and save you time in the long run.

Your Disposal is Leaking

Looking under your kitchen sink to see a puddle of water or to see drips coming from the garbage disposal could be a sign of a bigger issue. The water could be from a few sources: the drainpipe, the sink flange, or possibly some of the seals between the sink and the disposal aren’t properly sealed watertight. Calling in a plumbing professional will help you notify where the leak is coming from and will help ensure there isn’t more than one source of water leakage.

Your Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

Depending on the age of your garbage disposal or if damaging debris became lodged inside, it’s possible your garbage disposal is broken. A broken garbage disposal doesn’t mean that it has to be replaced in its entirety. Your disposal could be clogged to the point that a professional needs to dismantle or investigate further what the specific cause and remedy is for repairing it. Some homeowners use a broom handle or other tool down inside the garbage disposal but you must be careful never to reach inside of the garbage disposal while it’s running. It is better to call a professional such as Pure Plumbing to assist with assessing the problem with your garbage disposal.

This holiday season ensure you are prepared with these garbage disposal problems to avoid before your holiday entertaining is ruined. From jamming and leaking to a disposal that simply won’t turn on, Pure Plumbing can help you determine what the problem is to ensure your holiday party is flawless. After all, this season is for memorable events and enjoying friends and family – not worrying about your garbage disposal at the last minute!