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Avoid Plumbing Emergencies During The Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner many households will be filled with friends, family, and delicious food.

Unfortunately all 3 of these wonderful things can be extremely hard on a home’s plumbing. Nobody wants to be plagued with plumbing emergencies during the holidays.

Schedule a Plumbing Maintenance Service Before the Holidays

Now is the time to perform preventative maintenance or take care of an issue you have been postponing. Pure Plumbing is offering a free home inspection to ensure your peace of mind during the holiday season. We are experts in clearing drains, detecting leaks, installing water treatment systems, and much more!

Tips to Avoid Clogged Drains

One of the biggest plumbing issues that occur during the holiday season is a clogged drain. Here are some helpful tips to avoid a holiday disaster:

  • Avoid pouring any types of oil or grease down your drain.
  • Watch out for metal objects falling into the drain, such as utensils or bottle caps.
  • Be sure to not overwork your garbage disposal.
  • Be careful with onion skins, coffee grounds, and stringy foods such as asparagus because they can easily clog your drain or damage your garbage disposal.
  • Do not allow any paper or plastic materials to get into your drains as they can easily back up your pipes.

If these suggestions are ignored then your drains can end up looking like what is shown above. Please avoid a plumbing emergency and call Pure Plumbing today to ensure nothing keeps you from enjoying the holidays.