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Las Vegas Residents: Do You Know What Is In Your Tap Water?

What is in Your Tap Water?

All water is not created equal, according to a recent report from Daily Finance.Las Vegas has the third worst water in the nation, although The Southern Nevada Water Authority attempts to minimize this information stating that our tap water is safe for human consumption. The reality is Las Vegas tap water has a range of harmful pollutants and should not be consumed in large amounts. The only definite way to ensure that you are drinking clean water is to install a water filtration system in your home.

Harmful Chemicals Found in Las Vegas Tap Water

There are specifically 12 chemicals that exceed the EPA health guidelines in Las Vegas tap water. These chemicals include:

  • Arsenic
  • Lead,
  • Radium-226
  • Radium-228

Radium-228 is commonly found in uranium deposits. Uranium deposits in our water are by-products of mining and nuclear testing taking place in the state of Nevada. These chemicals are all hazardous to human health even in small quantities. These are terrifying facts regarding water quality in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Water Filtration System Installation

The water in Vegas is so bad that the Las Vegas Water District advises all pregnant woman, infants, elderly, people with organ transplants, individuals with HIV, and anyone with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients, to contact health care providers before consuming tap water. Poor water quality makes it mandatory to have a water filtration system in place at your home to combat these toxins.

A water filtration system will remove impurities in the water as well as sand, sediment, and iron. Water is vital to life; therefore it is imperative to make sure you and your family are consuming safe clean drinking water. Installing a water filtration system in you home will guarantee chemical free water.

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