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5 Reasons for a Whole Home Plumbing Inspection

Every time you flush the toilet, do you say a quick word of thanks that it functioned properly? Of course not! Not many people think twice about the toilet flushing, the sink running, or the hot water in our shower… until something goes wrong. Then, there’s nothing worse than a backed up toilet or a day without a shower.

This is why a whole home plumbing inspection is so important. It allows us to have peace of mind knowing an experienced plumber in Las Vegas checked your home for any possible plumbing problems.

Just like going to the doctor once a year for a check-up, we should also call one of our Las Vegas plumbers for an annual whole home inspection.

Here are five reasons why a whole home inspection is worth it:

1. You’re About to Buy Your First House

Anyone who conducts an annual whole home inspection is going to benefit from it. But, you know who really gains the most advantages from an inspection? A potential homebuyer or family in escrow.

What if the seller is trying to hide a leaky pipe or faucet corrosion? Nobody wants that headache, especially when you’re trying to settle into your new home. With a whole home inspection, you’ll be easily assured you landed a home with a good, strong plumbing infrastructure and foundation.

2. You’re Looking to Lower Your Overall Cost of Living

Have you ever known someone with a classic car that ran better than your neighbor’s 2012 model? A large part of that is due to their diligence and maintenance of the classic car.

The same goes with the time and care you put into your plumbing system. Regular maintenance will address those minor leaks or slightly clogged drains that are only going to boil over in time as a major home repair. By having a whole home plumbing inspection conducted, you can avoid potential costly plumbing problems.

3. Your Shower Head Will Perform Better

Lately, does it seem like your shower only spits out water? Or, worse, is there no hot water in the shower? If the water is just trickling out, you probably grin and bear it because, hey, it still works.

When a home inspection takes place, everything in your bathroom will be checked from top to bottom. All the faucets will be inspected for minor leaks or corrosion. The drain speed will be assessed. Even the “throne” will get some attention to make sure it’s refilling it’s reservoir and stopping at the proper levels.

Also, an inspection can help determine if the water hardness in Las Vegas is contributing to the poor water pressure in your shower, or if your pipes are corroding. Many people don’t know that Las Vegas has some of the worst hard water in the country!

This highly overlooked issue can be spotted by a trainer plumber pretty quickly during an inspection, and can be easily rectified.

4. You’ll Love Your Kitchen Sink Again

Do you get frustrated waiting for the kitchen’s hot water to finally hit? Well, during your whole home inspection, that’ll be at the top of the list.

Typically, if it’s taking too long to get hot water, there’s a buildup of sediment in your hot water heater. That’s something that can easily be fixed as well by getting your water heater flushed.

Along with this, the water shutoff valves and connections will be given a once over. This will ensure you’re not moments away from a dishwasher flooding or any major buildups in your system.

5. Your Whole House Will Be Secure

Who wants to walk down to the basement one day and notice some mold or wet spots on the floor? Or, worse, who wants to look up at the ceiling one night and see discoloration? That’s certainly cause for panic, as water damage can spread fast.

A whole home inspection will help secure your basement, ceilings, main water supply, water meter, service lines, and more. It’s the whole package. Everything from top to bottom, inside and out, will be checked so you can rest easy every night.

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Whether you are a home buyer going through escrow, or you just want an annual plumbing check-up, Pure Plumbing is here to meet all your plumbing needs.

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