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The Benefits of Flushing Your Water Heater Regularly

A water heater needing to be replaced is often an issue that blindsides homeowners. An expensive bill to foot, especially when it hasn’t been fit into a budget; however, there are ways to prevent unnecessary wear and erosion on your water heater.

By regularly flushing your tank, it becomes easier to prolong the life of your machine, and some of the reasons may surprise you.

Cleans Out Sediment

The number one culprit behind water heater failure is sedimentary build up within the tank. It becomes more difficult for your device to perform in the intended capacity if there is debris build-up in the bottom of your water heater. If your water heater is electric this build-up can happen on the electrodes of your water heater, which will lead to additional problems down the line. Fortunately, the majority of problems can be solved with regular maintenance to keep your water heater in tip-top shape.

Reduce Water Heater Noise

There’s nothing worse than being awoken in the middle of the night by the loud and likely frightening sound of your water heater at work. A noisy machine is also a sign that your water heater is failing. Essentially, increased noise usually indicates scale buildup within your device, and while it can go away on its own, that is hardly a good sign.

Eventually this solidified scale build-up will cause your water heart to no longer circulate water correctly. By flushing your water heater, this can help prevent this, and keep water circulation going. Not to mention the noise will go away.

Improve Heating Speeds

If your water heater is experiencing issues, it will take longer to perform the same tasks a new machine could easily tackle in half the time. Debris build up within your tank leads to a difficult “heat transfer process” for your water heater, leading to longer wait times. It also means your hot water can go cold, faster. A flush of your system will have an immediately noticeable effect on the productivity water heater.

Reduce Energy Costs

Heating speeds and energy costs go hand-in-hand, as it takes more time to heat a calcified water tank, which therefore requires more energy to provide the same amount of hot water, which leads to a higher monthly bill from your energy provider. When your system has to work overtime to produce the same results, it is common to see that strain in your wallet first. To lighten the financial burden, a flush of your heating system is recommended.

Avoid Foul Odors From Stagnant Water

Understandably, if there is nowhere for the water to go, either due to a failure in your system or sedimentary build up, the water will stagnate. Stagnant water can lead to unpleasant odors emanating from your water heater, that will only grow more foul if left unattended.

There is no downside to regularly flushing your water heater. This simple act has multiple benefits, the most important one being the longevity of your appliance. The best way to maintain your device, leading to improved use for an extended period of time, it to schedule regular maintenance on your water heater.

Unfortunately, there is no set number of times per year a water heater should be flushed, or a timetable that can be followed to get the best results, all factors are dependent entirely on your particular water heater. Just to be safe, Schedule your plumbing services today from one of our experts at (702) 710-7388.