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What is Hard Water?

Las Vegas has some of the highest levels of hard water in the country. But what is hard water? And how does it affect you and your family?

What is hard water?

Depending on where you live, water can have naturally occurring sediment and minerals. The amount of sediment in your water supply determines its “hardness”.

What does hard water do?

In Las Vegas, water is considered very hard thanks to the high-mineral content from the flow of the Colorado River into Lake Mead. The two minerals that cause our hard water are magnesium and calcium. These minerals are nontoxic, so the only detriment hard water will have in your life is aesthetic.

Hard water can cause dry skin and can leave a chalky residue on glassware or fixtures. Too much sediment can eventually affect the health of your plumbing and can lead to costly repairs if not attended to.

What can I do about it?

There are many ways you can easily reduce the effects of hard water in your home:

  • Use dishwasher rinsing aids

  • Wipe surfaces dry after cleaning

  • Use laundry detergents with water softening attributes

  • Clean with mineral dissolving cleaning products

Another simple solution to hard water is hiring a company to test your water. Once you know the full range of your hard water problem, you can opt to install a water filtration system.

What is a water filtration system?

Water filtration systems do exactly what they sound like they do—they filter out or neutralize any minerals or potential contaminants that may make it into your home or business’s water supply.

Water filtration systems and water softeners ensure that your water is pure without introducing chemicals or other minerals. The benefits of softening your water can include an improved look and feel of your skin while bathing or washing, improved longevity of household appliances, and a reduction in the amount of water spots and mineral deposits after cleaning.

Our experienced Las Vegas plumbers can handle any of your water testing and filtration needs. Pure Plumbing offers a wide range of water filtration and softening systems to improve the quality of your water. Schedule an appointment today!