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Sewer Line Damaged By Roots In Las Vegas?

Given that sewer lines are rich sources of moisture and nutrients, tree roots and weeds are naturally inclined to grow towards them, especially in moisture-starved areas like Las Vegas. Encroaching pipes gives roots and invasive weeds ample access to the oxygen, water and essential nutrients that they need. When a leak is found by a root, the root will quickly grow into the pipe and cause back-ups, structural issues and many other costly issues. Not only are the resulting sewer leaks potentially hazardous, but they can result in thousands of dollars in damages. Fortunately, there a few preventative measures that you can take to avoid having your sewer line damaged by roots and other debris.

Know Where Your Sewer Lines Are Located

The first and most important step in prevention is simply knowing where your sewer lines are.
This will help you structure your landscaping plans accordingly. It will also allow you to identify any potentially invasive weeds and trees so that you can deal with them before they cause problems. It is vital to choose trees, shrubs and overall landscaping designs with the long-term well-being of your sewer lines in mind.

Install Barriers Between Sewer Lines And Trees

Consider using a growth inhibitor to create a chemical boundary between your trees and the sewer line. Many homeowners spread potassium hydroxide, copper sulfate and other slow-release chemicals in the targeted area in order to deter growth. Installing wood or metal barriers that are six to twelve inches deep and run vertically to the pipes can also prevent encroachment from tree roots and weeds.

Recognize Frequent Clogs As A Sign Of Problems

Some homes experience plumbing clogs more often than others, especially larger household with lots of people using the plumbing system. Significant increases in how frequently these problems occur, however, could be indicative of a much larger issue. This is also true of slow drains and toilets that make suspicious, gurgling sounds.

Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Don’t wait until you have a whole house back-up on your hands before contacting a plumber about this issue. Problems like these are extremely commonly in the Las Vegas area, but they are also highly preventable. When minor signs of drainage problems rear their heads, have your sewer lines inspected by a professional plumber. Companies like Pure Plumbing have innovative inspection and pipe cleaning equipment that homeowners don’t have access to. They can use camera probes to locate damaged pipes and areas of encroachment. They can also use high-tech, hydrojetting equipment to clear these obstructions and the resulting blockages. Regular inspections and cleaning services are worthwhile investments, given the tremendous amount of money that these efforts can save homeowner in repairs.

Contact Pure Plumbing today to schedule a plumbing inspection. Identifying instances of sewer line encroachment before these have an opportunity to spiral out of control can help you save both money and time. It will also protect the safety of your loved ones and the integrity and value of your home investment.