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My Sewer Line Is Clogged And Overflowing!

When there is a clog in the internal plumbing of a house, it is a huge problem. However, a clogged sewer line is an entirely new level of problem. A clog in the sewer line can affect all of the other plumbing fixtures that are in your house. However, this is a problem that usually requires professional help. Here are a few of the top ways that you can get the line unclogged.

How to Unclog Your Sewer Line

Chemical Cleaning Methods

If your sewer lines are being blocked by tree roots, then you may benefit from a chemical cleaning. This should not be done in any other case. Flushing copper sulfate down the toilet into the plumbing is a method that can be used on a consistent basis; however, it must be done quite frequently. You will also need to check if the chemical that you will be using is illegal in the municipality.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a method of clearing a sewer line that involves a very high powered water jet. This jet has the ability to create a pressure of around 4000 psi. With a jet this powerful, roots and other obstructions are literally blown out of the way of the sewer line. However, the line itself may be damaged if you are not careful with the tool.


The auger that is used for sewer clogs is similar to the auger that is used to unclog toilets. It is much more powerful and longer. The auger will need to be fed in sections into the sewer on the back of a truck. This tool is usually only available to professionals with the license to go into the sewer lines and use a powerful tool.

If you are unsure of the method that will work on your clogged sewer line, then you may need to have the professional assistance of a top plumbing company. Pure Plumbing is your pro partner when it comes to getting your house plumbing in order. Give us a call or an email as soon as possible so that we can return you to your best quality of life!