The Gift Of Form & Function: Bathroom Design Trends

Picture of Remodeled Bathroom

When it comes to your home, you need it to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Whether you prefer a minimalistic space or like more extravagant designs, each space must remain comfortable—your design should not get in the way of your usability.

A balance between form and function must be found in order to create the bathroom of your dreams. Here’s how you can ensure your space meets your needs:

Accessories Are Not An Afterthought

Most people forget about the essentials. From your toilet paper holders to your shower towel hooks—these should all be a part of your design. Whether you want these accessories to disappear or add a punch of color to your space, they should be part of your design strategy. Leaving these out of your initial plans will result in a space that is missing the necessary fundamentals.

Lighting Needs To Be Strategically Placed

You may not think that the light sources in your bathroom are a key part of your design, but they are! When it comes to creating a space, it needs to be accessible both during the day and at night. You must think about visibility. If you do not have recessed lighting, your fixtures can become a part of your design! They can actually facilitate your aesthetic and provide the added safety that is needed in the restroom.

Be Mindful About Materials

Discuss your materials and how they interact with water. You do not want your designs to deteriorate due to repetitive water damage. Make sure all products are suitable for a bathroom environment before installations! It is also imperative that you place the right materials in the correct spaces. Large tiles are inherently more slippery when wet, so use these on the walls of your shower, and place smaller tiles on the floor!

For bathroom appliance upgrades, contact Pure Plumbing at (702) 710-7388! We are here to make sure your space encompasses both form and function.

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