How Modernized Plumbing Saves Money & Energy

The bathroom tends to be an overlooked space, despite how necessary it is to our daily lives; whether that be during a home remodel, when looking for a new house and even when assessing our own comfortability. Bathroom renovations are among the highest return on investment when it comes to home restoration and can provide a much appreciated cushion to the sell value once the house is placed on the market. There are multiple benefits to upgrading your plumbing systems; these mainly consist of cost, energy efficiency, and comfort.

What To Consider

Before deciding where to divvy up your budget, it's important to consider long term investment versus overall return. There are cheaper band-aid solutions that would be ideal for newer homes but would only prolong eventual upgrades to the plumbing and piping systems in an older, well-worn home.

When modernizing your home, it is essential to consider energy efficiency, water usage, and total longevity of the products. There are quick fixes to these issues, such as shower head and faucet aerators which lessen water usage, new faucet upgrades, an updated water softener, and installing plumbing innovations such as waterless urinals or a bidet. A homeowner should consider the type of renovations which will provide the best spike in property value for the most reasonable/energy efficient price.

Going Green

“Going Green” is not just a trend, but can be cost effective in the long run when it comes to installing new appliances. Energy efficient units can save you a lot of money in expensive energy costs as well as provide a modern update to your home. These “green appliances” consist of high-efficiency low-flow toilets, adjustable shower-heads, as well as certain pipes that reduce plumbing issues. All of these upgrades will provide a cleaner, more economical solution without the hefty price tag. There are also more expensive, long-term solutions, like updating your pipes, tankless water heaters, and bathroom fixture replacement. Renovations such as these will provide big picture benefits, though they will require an initial investment that is far larger, as it is true quality products will be more expensive.

What Are The Benefits?

While the benefits of these changes are not immediately realized, it is essential in creating a longer lasting system that uses less water, stays cleaner, and ultimately helps to produce a lower energy bill. Additional comfort can be provided through modern innovations.

Bathroom renovations have a lasting benefit to the overall value of your property and, next to a kitchen renovation, among the most common projects for homeowners to undertake. When looking into plumbing services call us at 702-534-1910.

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