How to Test For & Fix a Leaking Toilet

Learn how to test the hardness of the water in your home to know whether or not your water softener is functioning properly.

Many homeowners are unaware that a leaky toilet is the cause of their high water bill. Follow this step by step video to test & fix a leaking toilet.

Required Supplies:

Step 1: Pour food dye into the toilet tank water

Open the toilet tank lid and pour about half of the dye into the water.

Step 2: Check the toilet bowl for dye

Check the toilet bowl and monitor the color of the water. Any streaks of dye or colored water indicate a leak from the tank into the bowl.

Step 3: Turn off the water supply

Shut off the water by closing the angle stop (shut off valve) under the toilet. The most common types of angle stops are pull and close angle stops, quarter turn angle stops, and gate valve angle stops. Pull or turn your angle stop closed.

Step 4: Drain the water from the tank

Flush the toilet once to drain the water.

Step 5: Disconnect the lift chain

Disconnect the lift chain from the flush handle by unclipping the chain.

Step 6: Remove the flapper from the flush valve

Pull the flapper out of the tank

Step 7: Install the new flapper

Snap the two wings of the flapper onto the flush valve, and clip the chain back onto the flush handle. You may need to adjust the length of the chain by moving the clip to a different ring on the chain. The chain should have enough give to allow the flapper to close, but not enough give to prevent it from raising the flapper

Step 8: Turn the water on & check for leaks

Turn the water back on by pushing or turning your angle stop (shut off valve). As the water fills the tank, make sure that the water does not go past the “water line” mark on the flush valve. Add the remaining food dye into the back of the tank and check for leaks. If you do not see any dye leaking into the bowl, you may flush the dye out of the tank.

If you still see dye after following these steps, call Pure Plumbing at (702) 710-7388 to schedule an appointment with an experienced Las Vegas plumber today!

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