How to Properly Plunge and Unclog a Toilet

See the full instructions here: By following these simple steps you can learn how to properly plunge and unclog a toilet: Required Tools: Toilet Plunger (Use a plunger with a gasket that fits inside your toilet, A.K.A. a Beehive Plunger) Toilet Auger Step 1: Shut Off Water Supply to Toilet Step 2: Properly Using a Plunger Step 3: Using a Toilet Auger Step 3: Placement of Auger: Step 4: Turn Handle Clockwise Final Step: Clearing the Toilet Turn Water Back On.

A clogged toilet is a very common (and a very bothersome) plumbing problem. When your toilet gets backed up, and fills to the brim with water, it is important to take care of it right away. Also, surprisingly, many people don’t know how to properly plunge a toilet! Although it seems like an easy task, sometimes it can be quite intensive.

By following these simple steps you can learn how to properly plunge and unclog a toilet. We want to show you how to take care of this without having to call a plumber in Las Vegas to do it for you.

Amount of Time:

If done correctly, this process should only take a few minutes and you should back to your daily routine in no time!

Required Tools

Plunger & Toilet Augur

Toilet Shut Off Valve

First thing you want to do is identify where the water shut off valve is for your toilet, and then turn off the water supply. This prevents your toilet from continuing to overflow and fill back up with water when attempting to unclog it. Make sure to shut off the water as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Properly Plunging a Toilet

As previously mentioned, you want to get a plunger with a gasket that fits inside your toilet. These types of plungers are commonly known as “beehive plungers,” and the gasket provides added suction that helps remove the blockage.

Beehive Plunger vs. Standard Plunger

This is the best type of plunger to use, as opposed to the most commonly used “standard plunger” that is found in most homes.

So now that you have the right plunger, place the plunger inside the toilet and use an up and down motion until you see the water level start to lower.

How To Plunge A Toilet

If your water level continues to rise to the top, this means the plunger wasn’t successful in unclogging the toilet. If this is the case, proceed to the next step.

Now, turn the water supply back on and flush the toilet to see if you were able to remove the blockage.

Step 3: Placement of Toilet Auger

A Toilet Auger looks sort of like a common plumbing tool known as a Snake. An Auger easily unclogs a toilet by forcing the debris down the pipe into the sewer line. Before you use the Auger, make sure to repeat Step 1 and shut off your toilet’s water valve.

Toilet Auger

When inserting the Toilet Auger, make sure the rubber pad sits at the bottom of the toilet. This prevents it from scratching the porcelain surface of your toilet.

Step 4: Using the Toilet Auger

The snake portion of the tool is actually inside the shaft of the auger.

So once you have the auger positioned correctly turn the Auger handle clockwise and push the rod into the toilet. So you are turning it, as you are pushing it.

How To Use A Toilet Auger

You want to continue to do this until you clear the toilet.

Final Step: Unclogging the Toilet

Now that you have properly plunged a toilet, as well as used a Toilet Auger, your toilet should now be unclogged. Once the blockage is cleared, you will start to see the water level go down. At this point flush your toilet and you should see all the water drain out of it, indicating your toilet has been successfully unclogged!

Unclogging the Toilet

Now that your toilet is unclogged, make sure to turn the water supply back on.

And there you have it! You’ve learned how to properly plunge and unclog a toilet on your own! Clean up and properly store your tools so that they are available for your next clogged toilet.

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