How To Fill And Regenerate Your Water Softener

Learn how to refill and regenerate your home's water softener to make sure it is functioning properly.

Generally, water softeners regenerate themselves, but if you forget to put salt in your tank, you may need to manually regenerate it. To do this, you’ll need the following items:

Required Items

Helpful Tips

Try not to let your salt level get really low. With a low salt level, your system could be regenerating and unable to clean itself.

Step 1: Clean the build-up on the walls of the brine tank

Take a wet rag and clean off all the build-up on the side walls of the brine tank. Next time you put salt in, your tank should be clean and ready to go.

Build-Up On Brine Tank

Step 2: Put salt into the unit

Put no more than two bags into your brine tank. Make sure your tank is filled no more than halfway.

Put Salt Into Your Water Softener Tank

Step 3: Regenerate the softener

In order to regenerate the softener, go to the control panel. Hold the regeneration button down until it begins to regenerate on its own.

Note: Water softeners regenerate on their own, based on gallons used. Manually regenerating your water softener is going to guarantee that it cleans itself properly.

Regenerate The Water Softener

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