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Your Summer Plumbing Checklist

When it comes to plumbing, summer is the best time to make sure everything is aligned. From vacations to weekends away and day trips, you want to make sure everything is good to go before you leave. This checklist will ensure that your plumbing is up to par for the rest of the summer season.

3 Things to Check off Your Summer Plumbing To-Do List

1. Toilets

Clogs are more prone to happen in the summer. Big social gatherings result in people in and out of your house and due to this, you may raise the risk of getting toilet clogs more often. While you adhere to the what-to-flush-down-the-toilet rules, some of your guests may not be aware. To help prevent toilet trouble, add a garbage can in a visible spot in all bathrooms. Remove things like q-tips, tissues, and baby wipes from easy view so that they don’t end up being flushed.

Also, check to make sure your toilet is ready for the summer season. With so many working parts, any one can wear down and ultimately cause trouble. If your toilet is constantly running or certain parts seem unstable, give us a call to inspect further!

2. Spigots and Faucets

As you increase the usage of your hose, your spigot is seeing a lot more action. This can result in parts breaking down, in turn having a leaky spigot on your hands. Even if you checked it out this spring, do a once-over and make sure your spigot is still intact and that you’re not wasting water.

Inside the home, check your faucets — notice any are running or leaking? If you notice your faucet won’t shut off, try some of these solutions. If you’re still having trouble, there may be a few too many pieces that need to be replaced — and we can help.

3. Water Heater

It’s recommended that you drain your water heater once a year to remove sediment that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank — twice a year if you live in an area with hard water, such as Las Vegas. This sediment can corrode your unit’s parts and also makes the unit work harder to heat water, interfering with its efficiency. Not sure how to drain it? Don’t worry, here’s all you need to know about flushing your water heater.

In addition, you should check to see if your water heater is leaking. While this could be spiking your water bill exponentially, you want to make sure that your water heater is working to full capacity before the cooler months set in.

How Pure Plumbing Can Help

Now that you know what to do, you can check these three issues off your list. If you don’t know where to start, or if you already have one of these problems on your hands, the Pure Plumbing team can help! To schedule an appointment or talk to a representative, call us at (702) 710-7388.