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Why is My Water Meter Spinning?

Routine monthly expenditures are the bane of homeowners and tenants everywhere. However, some of those reoccurring bills can be reduced by changing bad habits or fixing possible issues that you were previously unaware of.

Water usage is one of the bills that can be put under control even in our arid Las Vegas environment.

Reducing Your Utility Bills By Conserving

The family budget needs some room to maneuver. Escalating utility bills do not have to be accepted.

  • Limit the length of your shower time.
  • Pool together small loads of laundry, this saves on the number of occasions the washer is in use.
  • Dishes can be done by hand.
  • Scale back on your lush landscaping
  • Limit watering your lawn to occur only at dusk or dawn.

But, what happens when changing a bad habit such as leaving the water running while you brush your teeth doesn’t stop the water meter from spinning and bloating your bills? What is going on? You have to think literally outside the box of your home to try and solve this problem.

Go to the Source to Find the Water Leak

Now the time calls for an investigation. Troubleshooting starts with the big picture and works it’s way down to the tiny details until the problem is found. Before you go to sleep, shut off all internal automatic usage of water. Supplies for dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and toilet tanks should all be closed. Spigots, taps, and supply lines to landscape irrigation are also to be clamped off. Now enjoy a good night’s rest and see if the meter has made much movement.

If there is significant movement on the dial, then you have a large leak in your locale. Call in reinforcements like an experienced local plumber who can ferret out the water waster in your home.

Quick Visual Scan for Water Leaks

External water leaks are very hard to see in our desert communities. It takes a significant pooling of water to be present for homeowners to see. Is the soil around the meter or pipes going into your house moist for no logical reason? If so, then the culprit could be in the supply line or the meter itself. Good news is that if the leak is before the meter at the front of the property, then the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the utility company. Once it leaves the meter and heads toward the house, the owner is on the hook for repairs. Under no circumstance should repairs to main supply lines or valves be attempted by a novice. Only those who are highly trained know the protocols and procedures to be compliant with the city and how to shutdown and repair everything safely.

Now it’s time to make a decision. How much of your time is worth chasing down every little detail? Sometimes the leaks can be in places that we do not even consider in the exploration of this haystack. This is not the time for half-measures. Enlist the services of a professional plumbing company with roots in the local area. Established relationships with the community give them the experience factor that cuts down investigation time and streamlines the repair process.

Take the worry out of your monthly budget. Whether it is preventive maintenance to head off a problem or to address skyrocketing water bills, hiring the professional, local plumber is the cost effective means to keep your house safe and the budget under control. Make the call today to head off the high costs of tomorrow.