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Why Do I Run Out Of Hot Water So Fast?

One of the more common questions that our skilled plumbing team at Pure Plumbing receives regarding hot water heaters relates to homeowners running out of hot water quickly. It can be truly inconvenient to want or need to take a warm shower or to use hot water in other ways and not have enough heated water available. There are several reasons why you may run out of hot water quickly, and our plumbing team can help you to determine which of these issues may be causing your problem when we visit your home for a diagnostic service.

Sediment in Your Heater
Sediment can gather in your hot water heater over time, and this is particularly true if you have hard water in your home. Some types of sediment can interfere with heat transfer in the tank and can cause the heater to work less energy efficiently. One of our plumbers can help you to determine if this problem is causing your hot water issue and can clean the sediment from your tank if necessary.

Wrong Size of Heater
You likely use hot water for everything from bathing and cooking to washing clothes, cleaning dishes and more. There are various sizes of hot water heaters available for household use, and if you are running out of hot water on a regular basis, you may have the wrong size of heater for your needs. Making an upgrade to a larger heater may resolve this issue.

Improper Settings
When you take a closer look at your hot water heater, you will see a dial or adjustment feature that controls the temperature in the hot water heater. When you keep the setting at a higher level, less water needs to be drawn from the tank for various uses. Making a simple adjustment to the temperature of the tank may resolve your problem.

Some types of repair issues can also result in insufficient hot water being generated by the tank. Malfunctions can range from the tank not properly heating the water to the lines that carry the hot water being blocked. A diagnostic appointment can provide you with more information regarding a potential malfunction.

When you have insufficient hot water for your various needs, you typically are forced to use cold water or to wait for the water heater to heat additional water. Both options can be inconvenient. If you have noticed that your water heater regularly does not provide you with enough hot water for your needs, it is wise to contact Pure Plumbing to schedule a diagnostic appointment. We can help you to determine what the cause of your hot water shortage is and what steps need to be taken to remedy the issue for you.