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Why Do I Always Need To Flush My Toilet Twice?

Having a toilet that flushes twice can be very frustrating. It not only wastes water, but it may also indicate a problem in your plumbing.

Why Do You Have to Flush Your Toilet Twice?

A broken flapper is the most common reason for having to flush a toilet twice. The flapper keeps water from exiting the tank while the toilet is not in use. If the flapper is broken, water can escape from the tank when the toilet is not in use, forcing you to flush twice.

Below in an image that highlights the flushing mechanism and where you can locate the flapper in your toilet.

A broken flapper may not always be the reason for having to flush twice though.

Here are additional reasons as to why your toilet may be flushing twice as well as some remedies to the problem:

Low-Quality Toilets

If you know for certain that your toilet is made of low grade materials, has a poor design or is made from a company not known for its quality, the toilet may not be producing enough suction power to properly flush the toilet.

Low-Flush Toilets

These toilets work on a low amount of water to begin with, causing weak suction power, but if the toilet is also of low quality it will cause further problems. One of the main selling points of low-flow toilets is to save water, but if you’re flushing twice as often the benefit is negated. Consider replacing the toilet with one of higher quality.

Short Chain

The chain that connects the toilet handle to the flapper must be at a reasonable length to ensure that enough water is exiting the tank to properly flush the toilet. If the chain is too short, the flapper can close too soon. This causes a lack of water from the tank making it to the bowl, commonly forcing another flush. Luckily, chain length can be changed very easily. Try out different lengths to ensure that you get a good flush but don’t waste water.

Hard Water

When hard water is introduced to your pipes, it can cause mineral buildups which prevent healthy water flow. If the pipe from the toilet tank to the bowl is covered in mineral deposits, it can prevent water from flowing between the tank and bowl. Some commercial products can help get rid of this buildup, but a professional Las Vegas plumber may be needed if the problem is severe.

Partial Clog in the Plumbing

If none of these problems are present in the toilet, the problem may lie in the pipes. Dump a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. If it does not immediately flush when filled with water or flushes poorly, there could be a clog in the lines. A video inspection from a professional plumbing service can help identify and rectify the clog.

All of these issues and more can be fixed by our Pure Plumbing experts. If you live in the area of Las Vegas, Nevada and are dealing with a poorly flushing toilet, call Pure Plumbing at (702) 710-7388 to pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly.