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Water Heater Leak

As soon as you discover a potential water heater leak in your home, a number of concerns may float through your mind. You may worry about the possibility of water damage in your home, the cost of the repair work that needs to be done and you might even wonder if you’ll need to replace the water heater altogether. These are common concerns shared by many homeowners, and you can count on our skilled, experienced plumbing team at Pure Plumbing to respond to your request for service quickly for peace of mind and quality service.

The First Step to Take
A leaking hot water heater can result in water damage in your home, and because of this, you want to take steps to stop the flow of water into the home. If the leak is minor, you can simply place towels around the base of the unit to stop the flow of water. If the water leak is more significant, you may be better to turn off the main water supply feeding into the hot water heater and to drain the water from the heater tank. If you are not certain which of these steps is necessary, rest assured that the staff at Pure Plumbing can provide you with support over the phone when you call to set up your repair appointment with us (or, we can just take care of it when we come out).

Understanding the Causes of a Water Heater Leak
When one of our knowledgeable plumbing specialists arrives at your home, the hot water heater will be thoroughly inspected to determine the cause of the leak. In some cases, homeowners are pleasantly surprised to learn that their water heater is not leaking at all. Some water heaters will develop heavy condensation on the exterior of the unit, and this can give the impression that there is a slow leak in the unit. Other causes of a water heater leak include a leaking valve or other components as well as rusted and/or corroded tanks. The repair work that is required will be based on the cause of the leak, and our plumbing specialists can provide you with a competitive estimate based on the work that needs to be completed.

Should You Replace Your Water Heater?
If you have an aging water heater, you may wonder if it is more cost-effective or beneficial to replace the hot water heater. An older water heater may not be repairable, or it may require more significant repair work in the future. Furthermore, it may not be as energy-efficient as newer models now available. Our plumbing team can provide you with more information about the cost and benefits of a replacement in comparison to repairing the existing system. Because we are a full-service plumbing company, we can provide you with rapid repair or replacement services.

You may feel stressed and worried when you discover a water heater leak, but rest easy knowing that the team at Pure Plumbing can respond quickly to your service request. Call the office 24/7 (702) 710-7388 schedule your repairs.