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Summer Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2018

As any HGTV enthusiast will know, you can never have a bathroom and kitchen that’s too sleek. Summer remodels have the ability to add value and character to your home that will increase the overall worth of your property and investment.

When looking at different trends to follow, keep in mind the overall flow and functionality you’d like for your bathroom and how you’d like visitors and family members to view your living space.

Here are several styles and tips to watch for that will be popular this summer.

High Tech Functionality

The future is here and modernized plumbing needs have extended into the bathroom, as well as the kitchen. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to incorporate smart features into their lighting, shower, and even toilet fixtures.

One of the biggest trends hitting bathroom remodels is heated floors, instant hot water, and wireless bluetooth and smart system integration right into mirrors and countertops.

These are just a few of the ways that technology is changing the modern bathroom. Comfort and style are truly coming together to create a succinct expression of modern living, and it seems as though this new trend is here to stay.

Upgrade to ‘Bathroom Living’

Which brings us to our next concept that is becoming an overall accepted idea in modern redesign: bathroom living. Essentially this means creating a ‘living space’ within your bathroom; this might sound crazy to some, but is steadily gaining popularity, especially in larger, more lavish homes.

Soon it will be commonplace to see flat screen televisions mounted in bathrooms viewable from freestanding tubs, bookshelves and a comfy chair tucked into a corner, or even floating vanities beautiful enough to make a diva swoon, all within the comfort of your bathroom. The idea behind this is to create a private sanctuary that will serve as a spa retreat right in your own home.

Tactile Cabinetry and Fixtures

Whether looking into oversize tiles, wood or metal finishing, or even backsplash upgrades, it’s important to keep texture in mind.

The modern bathroom is all about creating a look that you can practically feel, even without necessarily touching it.

This includes incorporating many ‘living metals’ such as unlacquered brass which will eventually change color and hue over time and with use, creating a very lived-in feel. This has become quite popular with those homeowners that prefer a rustic look.

Industrial Design

In recent years, industrial design has been one of the most popular remodeling trends for whole homes, not just in bathrooms and kitchens; and that’s due to it’s attempt to create an imperfect design that creates an air of masculinity and brings a sense of maturity to a room. This often establishes a sleek and surprisingly pleasing look in the form of exposed pipe and brick designs that really heavily emphasize functionality over impractical artful conception.

Waxed concrete floors are also a very affordable and trendy alternative to hardwood and expensive, elaborate tile-work that some homeowners are choosing to partake in.

Dedicated Dog Shower

This might come as a surprise, but one of the highest growing trends on homeowners’ wish-lists this Summer has been a dedicated shower for their dogs. Features for pets have often made or deterred people from a decision to purchase certain homes. As many people view their dogs as an extension of their family and are willing to shell out for their comfort, it is easy to see how multi-million dollar architecture firms are moving toward installing dedicated doggy showers in their newest developments.

Get ahead of the trending curve and consider the potential value of a dedicated doggy shower in your remodel if this sounds like something you can relate to.

If you are looking to remodel, and need help with your bathroom fixture replacement, make sure you to give us a call so we can send out one of our licensed professional plumbers to help you with your plumbing needs.