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Ready To Remodel? Here Are The Hottest Bathroom Trends For Spring 2018

When it comes time for renovations, the bathroom is often one of the most overlooked areas, despite how quickly a homeowner can increase the value of their property from some simple and strategic improvements. Luckily, bathroom trends for this coming spring can easily be summed up in these modern, traditional styles which will surely help you improve your bathroom decor relatively quickly. So, what can you expect for spring renovation trends?

Monochrome Decor

Focusing on one specific color or a classic minimalistic approach to the color scheme will be perfectly in line with style predictions for the coming season. A simplistic design is favored over a complicated multi-colored remodel, as less complicated resolutions to the stylistic dilemma will reflect a more current approach to renovations.

Oftentimes you will only need a single color strip of your favorite shade. Black and white seems to be the trend for this season, when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Hidden Storage Space

Bathrooms that are efficient and practical are going to be a heavy concentration for Spring 2018 renovations. It will become more common to see hidden storage spaces in modern bathrooms, making bathrooms appear smaller and minimalistic while still retaining plenty of efficiency.

Maximizing space and utilizing all opportunities to tuck in extra storage will be your best bet when choosing a renovation style.

High-Tech Bathroom Gadgets

The modern bathroom should have modern plumbing accessories. Opt for the high-tech toilet, the heating and cooling floors, and the advanced shower head. Creating an environment of high-tech luxury is another point of focus in spring upgrades.

Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone sinks, have been an up-and-coming trend in bathrooms and kitchens for several years; but the must-have for 2018 is going to be stone vessel sinks. Hand-carved stone can add a touch of organic beauty to an already simplistic design and add an air of unpredictability that will wow your guests.

This type of sink makes for a great conversation piece when hosting a party at your newly remodeled home. And, believe it or not, these sinks are actually quite affordable. With different types of stone to choose from, such as limestone, granite and onyx (just to name a few), you can turn a commonly used bathroom fixture into a piece of art!

Ceramics and Marble Surfaces

As previously mentioned, stone and ceramics are the hottest trends you are going to see in bathroom remodels this Spring.

The sleek elegance of a nice ceramic (or marble if you’re going for a fancier design) is incomparable to traditional designs. Opting for nicer tile or a marble surface for your countertop will greatly increase the return on your initial bathroom investment. If you’re not sure where to put your budget, definitely plan first look at your ceramic surfaces before expanding into other expenses, as even shower fixture replacements are a simple way to quickly improve the look of your bathroom.

Mixed Texture and Patterns

One of the most unexpected trends for this coming season is an emphasis on texture and pattern. Boring, uniform tile is out, while experimental tile and backsplashes are a new way to give your bathroom a unique look that will surely amaze you every time you step through the door. Geometric tile patterns, along with lattice work, are all the craze right now. Especially if you want your bathroom to be display of uniqueness, yet still comfortable and practical.

The tile patterns don’t have to be crazy or outlandish. Yet, with this new trend you can take a more adventurous approach to arranging and styling your bathroom this coming Spring.

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