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Leak Detection in Las Vegas

Having a leak in your water pipes can be costly especially in Las Vegas where water bills can sky-rocket. Your plumbing should be in the best condition possible to not only save you money on your utility bills but also to save you money in costly repairs. Working with a trusted licensed plumber that has experience in leak detection can to help you maintain the plumbing in your home with expert hands is essential.

Checking For Leaky Water Pipes

#1: Drains

The drains in the faucets, sinks and showers must be as tight as possible. Leaks could cause damage in the house, but leaks also waste water. Your water bill could rise quickly over many months as you lose more and more water. Your water company does not know that you have a leak, but you can ask your plumber to inspect the house for leaks.

“I called them with an emergency leak and they worked me in even though their schedule was completely booked.” -Niki

#2: Underground Pipes

You have underground pipes and hoses at the house, and these hoses can leak easily without your notice. Because the leak might be unknown the problem could have been an ongoing issue for a long period of time causing you to have higher than normal water bills and in the worst case scenario the water from the leaking pipes could cause an even bigger issue to your home’s structural integrity depending on where the leak is. When you suspect you have leaking pipes either inside or outside your home it is a good idea to hire a local plumber that can inspect the leaking pipes and help you fix the issues. Most reputable plumbers will give you multiple solutions in order to fix the leak, but not break your budget. Such as:

  1. Re-Route the line that is leaking under the home by running a new single line in the ceiling isolating the line leaking under the slab. The re-route will prevent damage to flooring that would require matching tile or materials that are not always available due to thee age of the home and accessibility of materials. This will prevent a complete home re-pipe that can be costly if not prepared for the additional expense.
  1. A complete Re-Pipe of the home preventing future slab leaks can give the home owner piece of mind knowing there is a warranty on the piping by the manufacturer and on the installation. In most cases a homeowner will experience more than one slab leak making this the most cost effective way to deal with a slab leak for the long term solution.

Most insurance companies’ will suggest to chip up the concrete and make a repair under the ground but this will create vibrations that could cause further damage to existing piping on the verge of leaking. The removal of concrete can create expensive and unnecessary damage to floors in homes making the experience very unpleasant. This type of repair would put a band-aid on a problem that you will have to deal with in the near future.

#3: Regular Maintenance Appointments

Setting up the regular maintenance appointments for your house is crucial to keeping water in the pipes. The water in the house is going to be lost in the system over many months if you do not have a plumber scheduled routinely to inspect for any leaks or issues. When you schedule for a regular maintenance appointment the plumber will visit your home, where they will do all the small repairs that are needed in the house to maintain the efficiency of your plumbing.

How much water are you losing? Call a Las Vegas plumber today and get an inspection so that you are not only losing water but value in your home.