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Las Vegas Plumbing Experts Weigh In

There is a large variation of piping material used in the construction of plumbing systems. The main materials used in these systems are galvanized metal, copper and PVC. Pure Plumbing, located in Las Vegas, offers all of these different materials. It’s important to note that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, some piping materials, such as galvanized metal, are less ideal for a number of reasons. The hard water in Las Vegas makes having galvanized piping an even less ideal material to have in your home.

Why Galvanized Piping is Not a Good Choice

Unfortunately, galvanized piping has huge disadvantages. In fact, it’s rarely used in residential areas for this very reason. Galvanized piping has the tendency to accumulate rust inside plumbing pipes, causing low water-pressure and possible blockage. Aside from that, this rust accumulation poses a health hazard. Galvanized piping is also known contain lead, a cancerous chemical. Luckily, there are much better options for piping material. One of the best materials is copper and PVC. As with anything, copper and PVC have their pros and cons.

Copper Piping

The most commonly used material for piping in homes is copper. For one, copper is lead free, making it far safer compared to galvanized piping. Copper also inhibits the growth of bacteria. The material requires far less maintenance and is quite corrosion-resistant. Homes that have copper piping are worth more in value. The disadvantage with copper is that it can give water a metallic taste.

Copper Piping

In some ways, PVC has many more advantages over copper. It’s very light weight and easy to work with. PVC is also the most inexpensive material used in piping. Surprisingly, it can handle water pressure better than copper. It can’t conduct electricity and does not rust. This type of piping happens to be the most quiet when water is ran through it at high pressures. The biggest disadvantage of PVC piping is that it isn’t fire-resistant. Although it’s uncommon, some people claim that PVC gives water a plastic taste.

Overall, both copper and PVC piping are light-years ahead of galvanized piping. Both materials are safe health-wise. If one still has galvanized piping inside their house or building, then they should seriously weigh out the risks and consider switching to copper or PVC piping. The switch will seriously pay itself off in the future.

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