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How To Repair Your Leaking Washing Machine

Your washing machine can start leaking for any number of reasons from a damaged pump to too much detergent in the water. You need to stop using the washing machine right away if it is leaking. Your first option should be to call us for repairs. Alternately, you can identify where the leak is coming from and try to fix the problem yourself. Your leak might be caused by one of several common problems with washing machines.

Worn Seals
If water is leaking from the door of your front-load washer, then the seal could be worn. To replace this you need to locate and purchase a new seal. You then need to use a screwdriver or your hands to pry off the clamp band around the inner edge of the opening of the washing machine. Take out the old seal, insert the new one and then put the band back in place. You might want to call one of our experienced technicians to do this if you have any difficulty removing the clamp band or replacing the seal.

Damaged Water Supply Hoses
The water supply hoses are located along the back of the washing machine. They attach to the main plumbing lines in your house. The leak could be caused by damage to the hoses or worn washers inside. You need to disconnect the hoses from the washing machine. If the washers look worn or cracked, then replace them, reattach the hoses and see if the leak continues. If the hoses are cracked or damaged, then they need to be replaced completely. It is usually best to call and let one of our technicians do the job because the lines attach to your whole plumbing system.

Leaking Internal Hoses
If the water seems to be under or around the washing machine, then the problem could be the internal hoses. Doing any work inside your washing machine is risky. You should carefully consider calling our skilled professionals to handle this type of repair. If you want to try yourself, then start by removing the access panel on the back. You will need to start running the washing machine. Look for leaks from the hoses inside. If they leak from the ends, you will need to replace the spring clamps. Leaks from anywhere else mean the clamps and hoses should both be replaced.

Damaged or Leaking Pump
If the internal hoses are not leaking, then the problem is likely the pump. Repairing or replacing the pump is really a job for our experienced staff. You could permanently damage the washing machine or injure yourself if the repair is done incorrectly. Replacing the pump means opening the washer, detaching the pump from the machine and then pulling it out carefully. The new pump needs to be perfectly compatible and needs to be installed exactly like the original. This often requires the use of a car jack to help control the heavy pump. You are usually better off leaving pump repair and replacement to us.

Washing machine leaks need to be repaired as soon as possible. If you have managed to stop the water from leaking into your house, then you need to schedule an inspection and professional repairs with Pure Plumbing at (702) 710-7388 right away. We will come out and provide you with professional and reliable service. We will fix the source of the leak fast.