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Get Your Plumbing Ready for Movember!

How’s your Movember mustache coming along? Whether you’re cultivating a connoisseur, a boxcar, a trucker, or a broomstache to rival Sam Elliot’s, your stylish facial hair will do more than raise eyebrows this month. It will also raise awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide prevention, and other urgent men’s health issues.

That’s what the Movember movement is all about.

Come December, you may want to bid farewell to your carefully coiffed manstache. Don’t let all those trimmings foul up your plumbing system. 

Here’s how to shave without causing clogs.


Install a Mesh Strainer

If you use an electric shaver, then you probably shave over the sink. That’s not a problem for daily shaves — a little stubble will wash right down. However, a month’s worth of whiskers will pose a challenge to your plumbing. The solution: a mesh sink strainer. It will prevent your bristles from falling down the drain. Then simply discard your trimmings in the trash.


Get Creative

No sink stainer? No problem. You can MacGyver a creative solution. Consider these options:

A trash bag: Open the bag and tuck it into the sink basin to fit the contours. This makes clean-up a snap.

A bucket: Place a small bucket in the sink. If you manage to fill the bucket with mustache clippings, then you, sir, just won Movember!

Take it outside: Hack off that ’stache in the driveway where your whiskers can do no harm. Then you can do the detailing in the bathroom.


Wet Shave Wisely

After a full month of sporting a fur lip, you might be aching to return to your babyfaced best. There’s nothing like hot water and a sharp razor to remove any trace of stubble. However, the combination of bushy mustache and goopy cream can wreak havoc on your plumbing.

Use a bowl: While it may be convenient to fill the sink with hot water, the problem is all the hair and shaving cream will rush down the drain when you pull the plug. Instead, do like they did before running water and use a bowl. It will work just as well for rinsing your razor. Just dump it outside when you’re done.

Pure Plumbing commends all the “Mo bros” who participated in Movember this year. If you run into any plumbing complications during or after The Great Shave, contact us at (702) 710-7388.