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Five Signs of a Sneaky Water Leak

A water leak can occur anywhere in your home where water pipes run or appliances that use water are present. Most people would think a water leak would be easy to spot, and they don’t need to worry unless they see a great gush of water spouting somewhere inside their home. Unfortunately, water leaks are very good at hiding. You may go days, weeks or even months without noticing you have a water leak, and that can mean the possibility of some very nasty damage to your home. Left unchecked, a leak can cause water damage to your walls, floors and appliances and will greatly increase the chances of dangerous mold developing in your home. If you keep your eyes, ears and nose open for these few signs, then you should be able to detect water leaks quickly and avoid costly damages.

Common Indications of Water Leaks

1. Higher Water Bills

In the summer, you may expect your water bill to increase due to the filling of the swimming pool, children playing in the yard with the hose or sprinkler and more showers being taken to stave off the smelly sweat of the season. However, if you find your water bill rising during a time you are certain that you are using no more water than usual, then you might suspect that you have a water leak. You will also want to take a good look at your bill to see if your water company has raised its rates and to determine how many gallons of water it says you are using.

2. Do You Hear Water Running?

If you constantly find yourself standing in the middle of the room with your head cocked to one side listening intently to the sound of running water that you simply cannot identify, then you may have a pipe leaking water behind the walls. Be sure to check things like a toilet that has decided to run until you jiggle the handle or children who have left a faucet just slightly on. If you continue to be unable to find the source of that sound, then you definitely want to call in a professional.

3. Strange Water Spots

Damp spots in places such as the wall where it is unlikely that the roof leaked or someone spilled a glass of water is a very good indicator of a water leak. Any unexplained source of water may indicate a leak.

4. Yard Moisture

A leak can pour itself outside of your home as well as inside, so keep your eyes open for moisture around the foundation and in your yard. If your yard is bone dry except for a few spots of moisture, then that often points to a leak.

5. Follow Your Nose

A nasty musty smell often accompanies a leak. Worse yet is the smell of developing mold. Be sure to call a professional to check things out if you smell that nasty scent coming from inside your walls.

Although these are very good signs to watch for, it is still possible for a leak to be hiding within your home. It’s a good idea to have a yearly check-up done by a professional who knows how to check and make sure all your pipes are free of leaks and in good working order. Have Pure Plumbing stop by for a check-up today, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your pipes are safe and sound.