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Fed Up With Low Water Pressure Faucets?

Are you fed up with the trickle of water from your bathroom sink? What is causing such low water pressure? Here are a few potential problems causing the low water pressure in your faucets.

Faucet Valve Problem

The faucet supply usually has a handle that controls the valve. The supply valve beneath the sink could be partially open, leading to low water pressure. By turning the handle counter-clockwise, the valve will open. Turning the handle clockwise closes the valve. To ensure that the stop valve is completely opened, turn the value counter-clockwise until its stops. Never force the valve if it is old because it could break easily.

Examine the pipe that travels from the faucet to the valve under the sink. If the pipe is made of plastic, it should not have a kink. If the pipe is crushed or kinked, it will require a replacement. Finally, turn the valve clockwise until it stops to close it. Then, remove the piping and take it to a hardware store so that a technician can recommend the correct replacement.

Faucet Aerator Problem

The aerator or filter screen in the faucet could be clogged. The aerator is usually threaded at the end of a faucet. When removing the aerator, cover the device with a towel to prevent tool marks. After the aerator is removed, examine the debris that is found on the screen. Usually, the screen will have hard mineral buildup, plastic chips, or sand. After the minerals are removed, run hot and cold water over the aerator for two minutes to flush out any remaining materials. If the aerator has deposits that are difficult to remove, soak it in a commercial de-scaling solution for two or three hours.

Defective Faucet

If water does not flow from the faucet, there may be a clog, or the faucet could be defective. Cleaning the faucet is an option, but the cleaning procedures vary based on the brand. The first step involves turning off the cold and hot water that runs to the faucet. Then, uninstall the handle to access the cartridge. The cartridge is usually found in the valve. After the cartridge is removed, examine it for debris, sand, or mineral buildup. If the gaskets or o-rings seem worn, take the cartridge to a plumbing store to get the proper repair parts.

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