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My Water Softener Is Making A Funny Noise, What Do I Do?
My Water Softener Is Making A Funny Noise, What Do I Do?

It is estimated that up to 80% of all homes in the United States have hard water. Essentially, that means that the water contains dissolved rock, most commonly limestone and iron, which leaves a residue on sinks and fixtures, damages water-using appliances, and ruins piping ...

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  • How Hard is Las Vegas Water?

    Just how hard is the water in our sparkling city? Very. In fact, Las Vegas has the reputation of having some of the worst hard water in the country ! ...

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  • What Will a Water Softener Do for Your Las Vegas Home?

    One of the most valuable investments you can make in your Las Vegas home is a water softener . The water in Vegas is particularly hard - as anyone ...

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  • Selecting a Water Filtration System for Your Home

    While southern Nevada’s public water supply meets all safe drinking-water standards, the water quality is less than ideal. Approximately 90 percent of ...

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  • My Faucet Is Corroded From Hard Water. Yuck!

    Hard water is an unfortunately common problem in Las Vegas that many homeowners have to deal with. You may suspect that you have a hard water problem ...

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  • Advantages Of A Home Filtration System

    Few things are as important to your home as water. On a daily basis, you use water for drinking, cleaning, bathing and many other tasks. However, the ...

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  • Hype About Alkaline Water

    The truth is, all water is not created equal. The pH level of the water you consume has significant effects on your health and overall well being. ...

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  • Alkaline Water: Is There Such A Thing As Healthier Water?

    The amount of alkaline and acid in the body is the basis for pH levels. The EPA does a decent job of explaining how this works, but in layman’s terms, ...

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  • Benefits Of A Water Softener

    A water softener is a system that is used to clean minerals out of your home’s tap water. In other words, it turns hard water into soft water. Hard ...

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  • Reverse Osmosis Repair vs. Replacement

    Reverse osmosis filters are an important component in a healthy kitchen. They remove all of the toxins, contaminants, and unwanted chemicals from the ...

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