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Bathroom Plumbing Tips And Maintenance

Your life depends on your bathroom, so you should treat it as the most important room in your house. If you maintain your bathroom and keep it clean, you can avoid some common problems.

Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Keep your bathroom plumbing in top shape by running hot water down the drain once a week to remove any buildup that might lead to clogs. Once a month, apply a pipe-shielding product to clean out accumulated soap and other debris from your drains. To avoid damage to your bathroom walls and floors, regularly check for leaks around your faucet, drains, and toilet. If you spot a leak, quickly have it repaired. You can also fit your drain openings with strainers that catch hair, soap chips, and other materials before they have a chance to cause problems. You should clean out the filters on your drains regularly, to ensure a pleasant bathroom experience.

Remove Deposits from Faucets

Remove mineral deposit from your shower head and faucet by submerging them in a plastic bag containing vinegar. Use a twist tie to hold the bag in place overnight and then wipe your fixtures with a damp cloth in the morning. If your showerhead produces an uneven spray, you can remove it by using a wrench or pliers to unscrew the swivel ball nut and then removing the collar nut from the shower head. After removing the shower head, use a thin wire to clear the inlet holes. When finished, flush the unit with water and then soak it in vinegar overnight to remove mineral deposits.

Keep Your Toilet Running Right

Some simple practices can help keep your toilet running right. Keep a trash can in your bathroom for cotton balls, sanitary products, diapers, and other common bathroom trash. Flushing these things can cause serious clogs in your sewer line that require professional attention.

Check your toilet tank for a proper water level, by removing the lid and observing. If water flows into the center overflow pipe, you should adjust the fill valve until the water cuts off about an inch below the top of the overflow tube. Check to see if water leaks into your toilet bowl from the tank by putting some food coloring into the water. If, after about 15 minutes, you see the color of the dye in the toilet bowl, you probably need a replacement ball or flapper.