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Backdrafting Plumbing Problems: What Is It?

If you’ve lived in Las Vegas for any period of time, you may think that rain isn’t something that you need to worry about. While Las Vegas doesn’t get a large amount of rainfall each year, when it does rain, it rains hard and often results in flash flooding. This year is predicted by many forecasters to be the wettest in years. While rain is always welcome in the dry desert of Las Vegas, it can mean trouble for your plumbing. This is especially true if the wet conditions cause backdrafting, an extremely dangerous plumbing problem.

What is Backdrafting?

Fueled-fired appliances, such as boilers, wall heaters, water heaters and furnaces, are designed to release their harmful byproducts through a flue. Because these gases are lighter than air, they rise through the flue and safely exit the home. When backdrafting occurs, indoor conditions can cause these harmful byproducts to be drawn into the building via the plumbing system.

This is extremely dangerous as carbon monoxide and explosive methane gases are allowed to enter the home. This can result in a sewer smell and conditions that could be potentially fatal to those who live in the home.

How Can Backdrafting be Avoided?

Wet weather, rain and local flooding can cause sewer gases that are exiting safely from the home to become backed up through the building drains. These gases can then enter the building through drains and dry traps. As Las Vegas isn’t used to a lot of rain, the hard ground results in flooding when it does rain, which causes floods and backdrafting to occur.

Additionally, when a plumbing vent has been improperly located and is placed too close to a window or door, backdrafting is more likely to occur. Properly located vents and ensuring that drains are clear are two of the best ways to avoid backdrafting. Too often water heaters are the cause of backdrafting when they are improperly installed or are installed in an unsafe place. Re-installing the water heater or changing its location can also help to avoid backdrafting from occurring in the home.

If My Home has Backdrafting, How Can it be Fixed?

A professional plumber can run several tests to determine if you are experiencing backdrafting. Properly replacing vent parts, installing water heaters in a safe location, ensuring that all entry points into the home are properly sealed and ensuring that all drains are clear will fix the backdrafting problem and help to make your home safe once again.

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