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Avoid A Broken Or Clogged Drain

Homeowners have a tendency to put all kinds of things down the sink. While this may seem like a good way to dispose of unwanted items, there are some things that should never go down the drain. Even if you own a garbage disposal, some items should be put in the trash instead. Avoiding putting the wrong kind of food waste down the sink that could cause a broken or clogged drain can save you time, frustration and money. Since there are many items that can safely go down the drain, it’s easier to cover some of the things that should not.

Know What NOT To Put Down Your Drain

Egg Shells

When people think of egg shells, they often think of an easy-to-break shell that should be able to go down the drain. While egg shells are some of the most common foreign objects to go down a drain, they tend to get caught in pipes and cause clogs. Just because an egg shell can be crushed to fit down a drain, doesn’t mean it should. Instead, throw egg shells in the trash.

Butter and Oil-Based Products

Oil and water don’t mix. If this principal is true in the outside world, why would it be any different in your drains? You should never put margarine, butter, cooking oil or cooking grease down the drain. While warm, these products take on a water-like shape. Once they cool in your pipes, however, they form a solid mass that prevents the pipes from draining properly. Garbage disposals are unable to break down this sticky concoction. Instead of putting these products down the drain, pour them into a bag or other container that can be thrown away.

Metal and Bones

People often think that the garbage disposal can easily break down objects such as chicken bones. Actually, the garbage disposal makes bones splinter into smaller pieces. These pieces can clog the drain or even fly back into your face if you are standing by the sink. Metal objects typically go down the drain by accident. Garbage disposals aren’t designed to chew up metal. This could not only destroy your garbage disposal, but pieces of metal that break off could cause punctures in your pipes.

Dealing With a Broken or Clogged Drain

The biggest problem with any clogged or broken drain is not knowing what to do. People often turn to drain cleaners that they can buy from the store. While these are great at fixing common clogs resulting from a buildup of hair and grime, they’re less effective at cleaning clogs in the kitchen and do nothing to fix a broken pipe. When a drain isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, your best bet is to call a professional. You could end up causing more problems by trying to do it yourself.

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