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6 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure drops while taking a shower or washing the dishes, you can usually feel the effects. For example, it can be tricky to thoroughly wash the shampoo out of your hair, and scrubbing the grime off dirty plates becomes all the more difficult.

Unfortunately, getting to the bottom of the issue can sometimes be challenging. There are many common causes of low water pressure, and many of them have to do with your plumbing system.

Are you ready to address this annoying problem? Let’s discuss the potential reasons the water pressure is low in your home.

Municipal Water Issue

If you’re wondering why the water pressure is low in your home, your local water company might have the answer. Unfortunately, your municipal water supply could be dealing with problems on their end that need to be fixed.

Chat with your neighbors and see if they’re also experiencing water pressure issues. If they’re suffering through the same complications, there’s a high possibility that the municipal water supply is to blame.

Closed Water Valve

Did you know that a fully or partially-closed water valve can be one of the most common causes of low water pressure? Your home has two main shutoff valves. You control the main shutoff valve, while your local water company controls the water meter valve.

If a plumber recently visited your home to perform a service, they may have closed the main shutoff valve and forgotten to open it. Whatever the case, you’ll want to ensure that the valve is fully open. When the valve is fully or partially closed, this will cut off the water supply to your home, resulting in insufficient water pressure.

Plumbing Leak

Plumbing fixtures and pipes can spring a leak, causing water damage and raising your water bills. Of course, this problem could also be why the water pressure is so low in your home.

When a plumbing leak is present, the water is redirected from its intended path. As a result, your faucets and showerheads will be left with little to no water. If you think a leak could be why you’re dealing with poor water pressure in your home, don’t hesitate to schedule an emergency plumbing service. You’ll want to address the problem ASAP to minimize water damage and repairs.

Corroded Pipes

Do you have galvanized steel pipes in your home? Unfortunately, these pipes are known to corrode over time. This corrosion can be one of the most common causes of low water pressure.

Corrosion is a serious problem since it leaves behind a layer of mineral scale in the water pipes. This mineral scale easily clogs pipes and makes it difficult for water to flow through them.

Water Heater Problems

If you’re wondering why the water pressure is low only while using the hot water, there’s a good chance that your water heater is to blame. Over time, sediment will collect at the bottom of your water heater tank. This sediment can be harmful in more than one way, as it can lower your water pressure and decrease your water heater’s efficiency.

Fortunately, you can flush the sediment from your water heater tank fairly easily! A professional technician can also complete the task for you during routine maintenance services. However, if you overlook the sediment collecting in your tank, you run the risk of water heater failure. In the end, you may need to schedule a new water heater installation in Las Vegas much sooner than later.

Broken Pressure Regulator

Many homes have water pressure regulators that are responsible for controlling the flow of water from faucets and showerheads. Without one of these handy valves, the water pressure coming to your fixtures may be too high and damage your plumbing.

If you’re dealing with water pressure problems, a faulty pressure regulator could be the culprit. You can use a water pressure gauge to see if the pressure regulator is working correctly. If you notice an issue, contact your local plumbing company for help.

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