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4 Spooky Sewer Issues To Watch Out For

October is in full swing and with that comes fun decorations, silly pranks, and sweet treats that go hand-in-hand with the Halloween holiday. From spider webs being stretched across the entrance of your home to candy wrappers being found in every crease and crevice of your couch, you know when Halloween has officially arrived. And it has!

So, when you tune into your favorite horror film, grab that cup of hot cocoa, and have a handful of popcorn in your hands, we don’t want you to get interrupted by a real-life nightmare—a sewer system breakdown.

If you are noticing that your home is starting to take on the characteristics of any of the homes you see during your thirty-one nights of Halloween horror marathons, it is time to start picking up what your home is putting down—something is not right. From unusual sounds to putrid stenches, these are all signs that your sewer line is compromised. Here’s what you need to look out for this Halloween season:

Dangerous Drains

If you are frequently reaching for the plunger or are grabbing for liquid drain cleaner more often than not…your consecutive clogging is coming from a main line blockage. From slow drainage to consistent toilet troubles—these are all signs that it is time to call a professional for a proper and safe drain cleaning.

Using chemical drain cleaners will actually do more harm than good, as they have extremely abrasive toxins that can cause both health and plumbing implications. Exposure to these harsh chemicals can result in mucus membrane harm, respiratory irritation, and severe skin burns. They must be handled with extreme care, or rather not at all. These solutions can also cause pipe warping and deterioration. Perpetual use of these toxins will cause increased wear and tear on your plumbing. Not to mention, they are oftentimes ineffective. It is better to air on the side of caution and have a pro handle any drain debacle you may encounter.

Gurgling Plumbing

Now, when your plumbing system is severely damaged or blocked, backups can occur. A plumbing backup occurs when water flow is completely obstructed, and your wastewater has nowhere to go but back up your drains. Early signs of backup include gurgling sounds when using two water fixtures simultaneously and visible bubbling water coming up your bathtub drain when you flush your toilet. If you experience either of these symptoms, have your drains serviced immediately!

Swampy Lawns

Is your lawn atypically green? Although you may think this a blessing—it is far from it. If your grass is only lush and green in patches, your sewer line may be leaking. A leaking sewer will act as a makeshift fertilizer for your lawn; however, this will eventually cause pooling wastewater and horrible odors as your crack becomes bigger and bigger. Address this plumbing issue with haste, as this fiasco can escalate quickly. Not to mention, the odor will become overwhelming.

Pesty Visitors

Notice that any of your bug decorations are…moving? If you have more creepy-crawly pests moving about your home, your septic line may be damaged. Critters tend to flock towards humid spaces, and when your sewer line is breached, your home humidity increases. So, if you experience an influx in insect infestation—have the professionals come to administer repairs as soon as possible!

For sewer system repairs, replacement, and service, contact Pure Plumbing at (702) 710-7388! We are here to make sure your sewer system is not any cause for nightmares. If you notice any of the above signs that your sewer system is headed towards breakdown, do not hesitate to give us a call!