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3 Best Tips To Avoid A Drain Cleaning Scam

Unfortunately for everyone, there are certain companies and individuals who won’t hesitate to try to pull the wool over the eyes of their customers. That being said, there are several things you can look for to avoid unscrupulous sales tactics.

How to Avoid a Drain Cleaning Scam

1. Pay attention to the questions that are asked.

The majority of con artists prey on those they feel are easy targets: the elderly, the widowed, etc. As a result, they use a series of preliminary questions before decided whether or not to move forward with their scam. If they ask, “Are you single?” or “Is your husband around?” and you give the answer they want, the scam artists will try for more.

2. Don’t allow them to be alone in the house.

If you allow the drain technician into your house, make sure they stay with you. Some will put items in your drains that ensure they’ll clog in the future, while others may try to plant evidence and make it seem like the plumbing problems you’re facing are much worse than they actually are.

3. Ensure any videos you see are live.

Drain technicians will sometimes use cameras located on the end of a flexible tube to inspect the condition of your pipes. The devices that display the video are sometimes loaded with a pre-recorded video of a pipe that is in horrible condition. To ensure you aren’t watching a pre-recorded film, have them turn the camera on before it enters the pipe so you can see parts of your home. The technicians have these pre-recorded videos as an attempt to sell the homeowner on hydro jetting services. The hydro jetting service is great for cleaning out clogged pipes, however, they are not used for every clogging condition and they are typically a more expensive service.

While unscrupulous sales tactics will always exist, you can train yourself for all the signs and learn how to spot them. Remember, these individuals use misinformation as a weapon. Proper education can remove any advantage they may have. For a proper inspection and cleaning of your drains, contact Pure Plumbing. Located in Las Vegas, Pure Plumbing is comprised of honest workers who want only the best for your home.