Help! My Concrete is Leaking!

Help! My Concrete is Leaking!

A leak of any kind can cause a homeowner to go into a state of panic. In many homeowner’s minds, a leak means spending a lot of money. Although some leaks are not as costly as others, imagine the shock when you discover that your concrete slab is leaking.

What Is A Concrete Slab Leak?

In some areas of the country, homes are built on a large slab of concrete. This slab serves as the foundation and barrier between the house and the ground. Underneath the slab, there are copper pipes. Over time, these pipes may begin to leak. Plumbing professionals refer to this condition as a slab leak.

What causes a slab leak?

There are several factors that can cause a concrete slab to leak.

  • Expansion and contraction of copper pipes.
  • Corrosion of pipes.
  • Ground shifts causing stress on pipes.
  • Improper installation.
  • The passage of time.
  • The effects of changes in water chemistry on pipes.

Signs of a Concrete Slab Leak

  1. Check your water meter. If it moves and water is not being used, then you may have a slab leak.
  2. There is the presence of warm or hot water on your floor.
  3. The perimeter of your home has standing water or mud.
  4. Your water bill is abnormally high.

I Have A Leak What Do I Do Now?

If you believe that you have a slab leak, the first thing you must do is keep calm and call a licensed professional plumber. A slab leak is not a do-it-yourself project. This matter calls for the assistance of a person with specialized knowledge and training.

A professional plumber has the tools to perform an electronic leak detection. This equipment enables plumbers to listen to the pipes and determine the origin of the leak. Once this information is determined, your plumber can create a plan of action.

The course of action to fix the slab leak depends on the location of the leak. New technological advances enable plumbers to fix the pipe at the point of the leak. In other instances, plumbers can abandon the original pipe and run a new pipe. The latter method keeps plumbers from having to tear up the floor.

It is vital that you hire a licensed professional plumber who has experience with fixing concrete slab leaks. Pure Plumbing offers certified professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to meet all of your plumbing needs. For professional and honest service, call Pure Plumbing today.


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